Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh to still be THIS excited at Christmas

My son Benjamin is very bright, very smart and very independent. Not that I am biased or anything but he is. He thinks on his own and at 4 says many more intelligent things than I hear on a daily basis from the clients I see where I work. That is not an exaggeration. And. he knows what exaggeration means...the client I saw first thing this morning did not.

Christmas. Loves it. Who doesn't? And with all the excitment of it I still wish I was so excited by it that I would risk punishment just to open a gift. Not so for me. For Benjamin however, it is.

Night before last was no different than any other night. Laundry. Bed-making. Dinner. The usual. I had wrapped 4 of Benjamin's gifts earlier that day, plus one for his sister and one for my mother in law. When Benzi came in from playing earlier that day, he was especially struck by the big box wrapped in blue Scooby Doo snowflake paper. Through the course of the day, I had called Benzi off of that gift at least a hundred times :::sighs:::

As I was preparing dinner, I noticed that gift was not under the tree, being that the tree is in the dining room which is connected to the kitchen, let it be known that I was not stalking the kid. I just noticed that the gift was not there. So, I thought to myself, he took that gift and hid it. So what. He's just excited. I warned him to bring it back by bed time or Santa would have to come take all the gifts back because Santa can not have people manhandling the gifts from now til Christmas. Reluctantly, Benzi agreed to put it back. Dinner commensed.

As the evening progressed, I began to do laundry. At one point, I was folding laundry in my room which is on the opposite end of the house from Benzi's room. After a few minutes of unusual silence, I wondered what he was up to.

I know he heard my footsteps as I was walking towards his room because I heard the door slam. "NO girls allowed" I heard him yell through the door. Through the crack between the frame and the door itself I saw what appeared to be crumpled up Blue Scooby Doo. Immediately, I had a sinking feeling what was about to transpire. How could I know it would be much worse than I ever could imagine.

Benjamin blocked the door with all his might, in fact, I had to call in reinforcements. My husband. Between the 2 of us we were able to slide the door open. I could not have imagined the scene that awaited me. There on the bed were six gifts. UNWRAPPED.
I mean, not just unwrapped, it was if a wild tornado and six hurricanes had made it's way through those wrapping papers ...I could just imagine, rip, rip, throw, throw, rip, rip....etc....When I asked him WHY...he said, "I jus got carried away". Yep. I know.