Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gourmet--No way..part two

Being from Charleston, SC, I have been fortunate enough to sample many different types of cuisine, from Gullah to Israeli Mediterranean. I've experienced many types of bread-and yes, even ciabatta.

A couple of weeks ago, a new eatery opened up in Lillington. I am beginning to think maybe the building is why nothing is ever good in that place. First it was Iguana's then it changed and changed and changed again until it is the establishment that is there now...West Front Street Diner or Cafe or whatever it is called. It is located at 1 West Front Street-not that it matters. My co-workers and I decided to give it a try. The menu was 4 -6 pages on notebook paper. This may turn out to be the root of their problem. Nothing they specialize in, but everything to offer.

I for one was very excited when I saw a large selection of different gourmet type sandwiches, among other things, which actually may have ended up being the downfall. I settled on a Mediterranean grilled chicken sandwich. It described the sandwich as grilled chicken, feta cheese, olives, grilled onions and sauce. I was delighted! I chose ciabatta bread because it has always been really good in my opinion, with this type of combo.

My female co-worker ordered the Alfredo pasta sans chicken with garlic bread. My male co-worker ordered the french dip with aus jus.

We were very excited about an opportunity to have something besides fast food in this 1 sidewalk town. Oh. This disappointment.

Problem 1.

The aujus. The sandwich was like a footlong sub. The dip was about a quarter teaspoon. When my co-worker asked for more, it was ignored.

Problem 2.

Fettuccine Alfredo. Served with untoasted bread, with unmelted butter. When my coworker ask that it be heated, it was served back to her burnt.

Problem 3.

The Mediterranean grilled chicken sandwich. Where do I begin? First, I was brought the salad. When I informed the waitress I asked for the sandwich, she argued with me that I ordered the salad. Finally, she took it back and came back with a sandwich and fries that were literally on a saucer. The bread was so burnt around the edges it was inedible. The fries were the best thing about the meal. The grilled chicken was cold and mushy. The sauce had wilted the cucumber and the feta cheese was practically non existent. I chose not to eat it. I thought I would be polite and not complain being that I was with my coworkers and between me and another coworker that shall remain nameless, well, we are well known in this town!

When the waitress asked if I wanted a to go box, I told her no. She asked me what the problem was and I repeated what I just wrote. She proceeded to take my debit card and charge me. She must have had second thoughts because she brought the manager over. The manager looked like she just stepped out of Trading Spouses and was going to start yelling about tainted money. Between the 2 of them they decided I needed a refund. AT this point, my coworkers have left. While they waitress and manager are collaborating on a refund which took about 14 min. too long, the "chef" came out and proceeded to speak to me in such a condescending tone that I pulled the Charleston card on him. Now please, I do not hate Lillington, but let's face it, this town is not the mecca of variety. Therefore, when he lowered his voice, put together his hands and proceeded to define ciabatta bread, I had had all I could take. I informed him that he should not speak to me as if I were from Lillington. I was from Charleston, SC and I had probably seen more gourmet food in a week than he has seen in his lifetime. He then, not taking the hint, tried to define Greek to me. Why must I revisit the insult again. I then raised my voice and informed him that I was not from Lillington, I knew what gourmet was and the crap he threw on that plate was not it.

At this point, it was his wise choice to head back to the kitchen. However, it did not stop the rest of the crew from peaking around the wall to see what "the bitch that just insulted the whole town" looked like. I had plenty of animosity for one day. I got up and went to the bar where now the owner, the manager and the waitress were collaborating on the refund. Finally after an excruciating lunch hour, I was refunded.

I rate this place a Hell No We Won't Go!! and you shouldn't either!