Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tacos Oaxaca

Tacos Oaxaca is located in Lillington, NC, right as you are coming down 401 from Fayetteville. When I first moved here 9 years ago, it literally looked like a run down mobile home that was set beside of the road and left for....well...just left. Being from Charleston, SC, I had never seen a "taco trailer" as my husband called it. When I began working in Lillington, I soon grew tired of the usual fast food places and the other Mexican place in town (which seems to become more and more like an upscale Taco Bell every day) I decided to go to the "taco trailer".
When I went, I took a Hispanic friend with me as my Spanish was ok then, but I feared they would not understand me. Good thinking on my part. At that time, I got the beef taco and the tlayuda. Both were very, very good and simply unforgettable. So much so that I always wanted to go again, but never got around to it- until this past Saturday.
My MIL mentioned to me that there was a write up in the paper about Tacos Oaxaca. Oh yeah..a reminder it was there. So last Saturday, armed with my now well honed espanol, I took my son and went to Tacos Oaxaca. The cashier there does speak fluent English. Good to know, as I know some people haven't gone there because they didn't speak Spanish and didn't know how they would handle the language barrier.
On this trip, I got the al pastor (pork) taco and the beef tongue taco. I also got the sopas. Everyone raves about tongue tacos. Being that it isn't something I eat on a regular basis, I expected something off the wall fabulous.It was good, but probably not something I will get again. For me, it was a bit difficult to get past the fact that I was eating TONGUE. The al pastor tacos were outstanding. Just the right amount of seasoning
The front taco is the tongue, middle beef and back al pastor
The sopas I would say are definitely my favorite besides the tacos. They have home made quacamole, but it is not the same as what you might get in the general public, it is more like a home made verde, but it's made with avacados. It's good, but I don't like that higha heat level, however people I know that have tried it are crazy about it! But since I get most of my food to go, when I add my home made quac to it, I could just eat a million sopas! They are the same sort of bottom that the gorditas have, but there is a top and a bottom. The filling is chicken with lettuce (which I leave off) tomatoes(leave these off too), cilantro, onions, and avacados. And of course the Oaxaca cheese! Yum!!
I recently tested the buritos. They were a little dry for my taste. They were good though. And pretty nice sized for the price. I got the beef, which had refried beans, beef, cilantro, cheese and salsa.
I tried the tlayuda a few months ago. It is pricey but well worth it. A ton of food to eat!! It was the first thing I tried here and it was good enough to make me want to try more. 'Nuff said!
A very, very, very picky eater friend of mine had the sincronzadas.It has ham, Oaxaca cheese, tomatoes, onions between 2 tortillas with a sauce. She said it was divine.
Overall, I like all the things I have tried here. They have definitely upgraded the reputation they had when I first moved to this town and the food is well worth it. Don't be put off by the smallness of it or because it is authentic. They have people there that speak English and if not you can just point to the pictures and it's all good!! GET YOUR EAT ON at Tacos Oaxaca

Saturday, April 2, 2011

coffee...sweet coffee...F W Bean

It's hard to find a good gourmet cup of morning in this town. McDonalds is good for iced mocha latte but being I quit them for lent..I was on the prowl for other options....that would be

FW Bean @ 810 South Main Street, Lillington NC. My first drink was the chai latte - iced. Amazing! They offer tons of other options in tea and coffee. Next I've tried the sweetened tea-I think they said it was a Red tea-THE BEST I've had. In need of being brought to life? The iced red eye is def the way to go!!! The iced mocha...just the right kick for morning start up. And I haven't even gotten to the muffins!

The muffins are the bakery option they offer. They are HUGE and beyond delish! My fave is the banana nut but the french toast comes in close 2nd!

Prices are way more reasonable than Starbucks, the quality is much better than those the fast food places offer. If you are a true coffee snob (I am and proud of it) this is your place!

F W Bean is well worth the trip downtown!