Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cultural Recipes

I am always very open to trying new and different food. Jewish food is not new to me of course, but I do like sharing what I have had from different cultures with my friends and families. I love noodle kugel. It's so funny when I say that word (or name) to my circle of friends now because a majority of them will respond...noodle whattt??? Some of them will even respond, just make it, you never steer us wrong. God bless them!!

So when I was at Brith Sholom Beth Israel Synagogue I developed a love of the Jewish people, religion, food and culture. I miss it very much. I am always seeking ways to bring that feeling of warmth back to my life, at least in between visits to Charleston, SC! Enter the Shiksa!

I found this website called . Tori Avey is a Jewish Convert who is apparently amazing at Jewish food! I took her recipe for noodle kugel and it was uncanny how it tastes exactly like the noodle kugel caterer Helen Goldberg makes for Brith Sholom Beth Israel events (and at my own wedding reception at the shul!!)

I made a huge pan of the kugel and it warmed my heart that my friends embraced it! Granted, when people here it is a sweet noodle thing, they are apt to turn their nose up to it because it is a foreign concept, however they willingly tried it. With great success. The only difference from The shiksa recipe is I used Captain Crunch on top (it is kosher and I was out of vanilla wafer) but everything else was exactly the same.

the recipe is here

I can't wait to make it for my mom and niece when I go back to Charleston. They will be happily transported as well!!

I plan on trying the Challah recipe next, I am hoping it is comparable to Marcie Rosenbergs who caters also at BSBI and the Charleston Jewish Federation (sells Challah there too). The ingreidents seem like they would be what is in her top secret recipe for Challah. Wish me luck!!!

New products

I love trying new products. And introducing my child to new products too. So when I found Honest Kids juice pouches I was kinda excited. They are healthy, they look pretty...what could be better!! So I bought the grape and the berry lemonade. Took them home and guess 5 year old actually said "the flavor is weak". What? I thought he was just saying that because he wanted soda. I tasted it myself though. He was right. That stuff is NASTY and I would not force him to drink either of them- I tried both. Don't waste your money!!
However, this trip to the grocery store was not a total loss. I did find Nature Valley granola thins. I bought the dark chocolate (was there any doubt?) and the peanut butter. Of course the first one I tried was the dark chocolate. O_M_G. FABULOUS!!! and healthy too!! I couldn't get enough! I tried the peanut butter one too. Just as good and peanut butter lovers will think its divine. Myself, Ima chocolate girl. So-they are on sale right now at FOOD LION 2/5. I am buying 4 more boxes but all chocolate- I love to snack and the box says they will keep for 8 mos (according to best by date)....Well worth the money!!!