Monday, November 30, 2009

For Your Entertainment, Indeed!

Put aside all of your preconceived notions (i.e. prejudice) about Adam Lambert and then go out and get this CD. If you were a fan of Adam's from Idol and the AMA show left a bad taste in your mouth (so to speak), it would behoove you to revisit what you loved about Adam to start with.

Let's get to it. The CD.

Music Again- just doesn't flow for me. I am not sure what it is, probably because it seems Freddie Mercury-ish to me and while I like a few Queen songs, not really my cuppa latte.

For Your Entertainment - definitely the CD version is more likable than the AMA version, I am not sure why, but, on that performance I didn't care for it, however, it is possible that it is because I can add my own delusional thoughts to it and not see someone else's meaning for it. Loves it!

Whatya Want From Me - by far one of my favorite songs on the CD. It reminds me of the old days when I use to hang with my drag queen friend Mike. Mike, like Adam was hot. The boys want to be with him and the girls want to be his hag. The song identifies the angst of being in that sitch but it also can be indicative of the angsty love messes I've been in back in the day. Loves it.

Strut- I feel like I am in the audience of a Broadway show waiting to see the dancers stride by in silver sequined body suits and black top hats twirling black batons and sweating off blue glitter eyeshadow. Like it.

Soaked- theme song for the worst love interest of my life, caused flashbacks of heartache I'd rather forget. I guess that means it's good? Quixotic

Sure Fire Winners - like it. Michael Damien-esque. Are you asking yourself who in the world is Michael Damien? Google it and then go to youtube and put in Michael Damien "Rock On". Uh huh. Me likey.

A Loaded Smile- ahhhh the story of my misspent youth - or at least my early 20's. "Nuff said.

If I Had You - I bet there has been many a lovelorn soul making this same declaration for years and yet it still doesn't ring completely true. Sounds good enough though. And I know I have certainly seen many a man that I would think...If I had you....blah, blah, blah.....Loves it.

Pick U Up -the more I hear this one the more I like it. Can't read any meaning into it for myself, but I do like it.

Fever-Love,love,love it. I've got fever for Fever. This rocks: Oh Baby, lights on, but your mom's not home, I'm sick of laying down alone with this fever.....Probably one of the best songs on this CD. Mucho love for this!!

Sleepwalker -haunting. Totally reminds me of major love gone wrong. Downer, but it's the kind of song that you WANT to listen to and be brought down by. Fabulous. Loves it!

Aftermath-things a friend would be saying to you after a bad day..a bad man...a bad anything.It's righteous self talk. Like it.

Broken Open- another of those songs you WANT to be brought down by. Attach headphones, alone in the dark, mulling over things amok in your relationship. Yup. Broken Open rides that train with you all the way to the end -crying is good for you...and...sobbing is even more cleansing.... Loves it!!

Time for Miracles- another of the best on this CD. This song ties up a bevy of revisits to the those compartments of my heart that I only go to when I want to be alone in my head. Love it!

Basically, this CD is well worth the money. So far beyond the whole AMA hoopla. Hopefully, people's prejudices won't stop this from blasting the charts wide open. I won't hold my breath though, happens all the time. However, I believe that if ya just listen to clips you will even want to buy the whole thing.

Quarter past loves it!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adam Lambert..AMA..all the hubbub

Adam Lambert....been a fan since day 1. Still am. While I can understand "whitebread America's" issue with his performance, it really is a double-edged sword isn't it? Why, wasn't it just a few years ago that Brittany and Madonna swapped tongues right on a non-smoke filled stage, just as plain as day in the forefront of all the dancers? Wasn't it just a few years ago that Madonna was writhing all over the stage, singing the praises of being like a virgin?

What then, might I ask is the difference between her and Adam? hmm about a hundred years of popularity? That's about it. Well that and America is more accepting of lesbians because the likes of MTV and porn have made it much more mainstream than male homosexuality.

The only issue I had with that performance? If my son who is 4 had been in the room or up at that time, he would have been subjected to those sexually explicit performances. The thing is though, he wasn't. At 11 pm, no child his age or even a bit older should be watching TV. It is so appalling and people are stating the issue is exposing children to it yet these news shows are continuing to flash images of it all over daytime and primetime television.

Adam's performance on The Early Show was amazing. And his performance of "What Do You Want From Me" (I think that is the name) only renewed my adoration of his abilities!!

I say if we are gonna accept it from a pop icon, let's accept it from a future pop icon. Long live Adam Lambert!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Outraged and appalled.

I can not say without enough conviction how utterly sick and disgusted I am with two people whose names I wish I had never heard. Antonia Davis and Mario McNeill.

The killing of the Davis child is no less abhorant than any other child abduction except for maybe 2 things....her mother gave her up to her fate and it happened close to home- in my area.

The thought of what that poor child went through would eat me alive if I didn't put it out of my head, I can imagine her father is probably being eaten alive by his willingness to let Shaynia go with her mother.

As a mother of a 4 year old, the act that these 2 people conspired to commit is unthinkable and unimaginable to me. Seeing it in the news every day only hurts my heart more.

Why are these 2 in protective custody in jail? Who was Shaynia's protective custody? Release these 2 bastards into the prison population and let justice be had.


So, I'm a fan of chocolate. Dark Chocolate. period. Maybe fan is understated. I'm obsessed with dark chocolate. I will not turn my nose up at milk chocolate, but dark has my heart. White chocolate? Not so much.

Imagine my immediate thrill when I found that Godiva now offers baked goods as well as candy. Now we are talking! I immediately made a purchase. Well two actually. Who can have one Godiva without more Godiva? Certainly not I.

Brownies ala Godiva. Perfect. Almost. I was somewhat disappointed but not entirely. It may have just been the huge chunks of chocolate in it that was off putting to me. It was like biting into a marshmellow and finding a pebble. A fabulous tasting pebble mind you--but a pebble all the same. The "meat" of the brownie is to die for though. I would have much preferred no chunks. Will I order again? Probably not that one, but maybe the cupcakes.

2nd part of the order - truffles. Seasonals. Perfect. Everything about each one was heaven. Even the raspberry one with seeds and yes, Virginia even the white chocolate one. Will I order truffles again? YOUBETCHA!!