Saturday, February 4, 2012

Long time...lot's to do!

Wow..been a while since I have had the chance to blog! But writing class now requires it so I have an awesome excuse!

Let's see...........things getting my attention.......

McDonalds...well since INS came in and cleared out all of the undocumented citizens, there is rarely a time when you can go into McDonalds, be it inside or drive through, that you spend less than 15 minutes just getting your order, the attitude is free by the way, and there's LOTS of it!

Someone or plenty of someones must have complained. Shockingly enough, I didn't~I meant to, I just never got around to it. But yesterday morning they had 3 managers out there clocking the drive through line. That is the fastest I have gotten through that line in about 6 months.  Amazing what supervision does.

FW Bean......definitely a plus to this town. With no other coffee options, people like me are bound to be regulars, which I am. I especially love their monthly flavor themes! This month is is white chocolate dipped strawberry or chocolate dipped strawberry coffee- beyond delish! redhot which is a cinamon and vanilla, tried it, didn't like it, but one of my coworkers did so I just have to say it wasn't my cup'o tea ~or coffee as the case may be. Chocolate covered Cherry, not tried it yet, it's on tap for today or Monday. All these are  hot, iced, sugar free or frappe!  Oh and they have the most awesome sweet tea. It's strengthy and bold, while I love tea the southern way, I also love it the gourmet way! Overall, FW Bean is the place to get your coffee on for sure!

Recent news:
Pair illegally issued auto titles.........
Now, we in this little town are rocked by this story. Why? Because every soul that has a car in Lillington has been turned away by Janet. For the smallest thing even. I have been pissed off by her at least 15 times since I've moved here. That means on 90% of my visits I have had to return because I didn't have the right stuff or stuff that was adequate for her to give me my tags or change titles.

That would be why everyone in this town is finding it hard to beleive that Janet had any part in this. I am just going to say what everyone else is thinking..if she was involved then the other girl coerced her into it, tricked her into it or something. I just can not believe that she willingly took part in any of this.
I am not saying it is a racist thing as many people who have commented on WRAL seem to be implying, I am just saying she was maybe misguided by a  younger, more street smart, manipulative person. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.

Stay tuned...........

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