Saturday, February 25, 2012


I am not sure what it is about certain spaces in town, but no matter what opens there is, it is never successful. Well, I thought doughboys had pretty good pizza but the atmosphere left much to be desired, so I did not patronize it very much.

Exile is now open there. Some people from work were raving over how wonderful it was. After my visit, I am thinking maybe it is because they were drunk while there???! My lunch companion was partial to the same opinion.

We went on a Wednesday afternoon. It wasn't real busy but the wait was FOREVER. My friend had her child with us. We ordered drinks, then the waitress gave us a menu. We asked the lunch special to which she responded she could not see the chalk board from where she was standing. I gave her the "Dora the Explorer" blink,blink and she went to find out.

The menu on paper sounds outstanding! Whoever wrote it gets extra points for creativity and description. The real thing is another story.

I ordered the cheddar beer soup - regular portion and hog skins to go.
the soup. You know how when oil mixes with water and the light shines on the water? The little oil circles? That is what was on top of the soup. I do not know the real ingredients, but I can tell you what my tastebuds told me were in there:
The portion was a nice sized portion, probably about 8 oz. French onion soup mixed w/ cheddar soup. Probably 2 cans of beer per pot of soup and neeses sausage. The soup had no texture unless you call water a texture. The sausage appeared to be links cut in half, but as far as I know Neeses sausage doesn't come in links? So they must have "homemade" the links themselves. Ta-dah!!! No.

Hog skins- now on the menu it described them as being skins w/ bbq pulled pork, cheese, salsa and sour cream. No pulled pork. Only strips of lunchmeat chopped and strung on top.  No cheese, side of salsa and no sour cream. I ordered the to go skins when I ordered the soup and asked her to go ahead and put in the order so we would not have to wait. That apparently did not happen because we had to wait 20 min past when we were done to get them.

No soda refills, not even an offer. My friend's daughter left almost immediately right as the waitress was bringing the soda, she still charged for it. Most places would not have charged for that. They did. All this wonderful service and food (insert major sarcasm here) all for $13 and some change. I am not sure about my friends lunch except that her soup portion was maybe an ounce. She was not happy with that. (she got the soup and sandwhich special a soda and her daughters un-drank(drunk) soda for $9- and no mention of change from her either)

My friend's only comment was "wow, when so-and-so from work came here they must have gotten drunk because this place sucks".

Sucks indeed.

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