Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ever So Sweet...not so sweet...

I go to this bakery everytime I come home to Charleston. They are right down the street from my parent's house which is very convenient. There are certain things there that are not so great, but the cupcakes have definitely improved since the first time I went there. On every trip I ALWAYS buy 6 cupcakes, a lime tart, a brownie and one other speciality item they may have. Imagine my great disappointment today when I called there to ask for a special valentines delivery. You see, my mother has Alzheimers. My father is elderly and is her caretaker. He can not leave her alone unattended. I called Ever So Sweet to ask if they could deliver cupcakes to them. they live about 1/2 mile from the store. I explained the situation --my mother, with her illness, won't hardly eat anything but loves something sweet, especially cupcakes. This is why I thought if they could make an exception given the situation it would be a wonderful mitzvah (good deed) and a huge boost to their community reputation. I explained the distance and the situation and was told no, they would only deliver wedding cakes. Now I know my little bit of business (about $20 once a month) is not going to make or break this place. But to know they are pretty much in it for the money- after all, how much would they make from my request? $20 plus I would have paid for delivery, but nothing that would equal to the price of a wedding cake. Was it too much to ask for that special favor? Maybe, but having been in the community service business myself, there have been many times when I went above and beyond...I appreciated all the customers who were gracious enough to purchase from me, I guess ever so sweet - not so much. :(

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